Ildiko, niece of the human Gauri king and Brishen, prince of the Kai, people with claws, grey skin and white eyes, have always known they were bound to a strategic and political marriage.

Both repulsed by each other’s appearances but with an immense respect and understanding towards each other, they start a friendship that transcends everything I’ve ever read about. These two characters have my heart and soul.

Ildiko and Brishen both share the same witty humour which makes for some hilarious conversations between them. But the way their friendship turned into love was the thing that made my heart melt completely. It was so tender, even in times where they were tested by everything and everyone around them.

The world Grave Draven created is one I definitely want to know more about and I hope to discover it in Eidolon, the second book!

Have you read Radiance? What are your thoughts?

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