If you’ve been around the book community recently, especially on Book Twitter, you might have noticed a new obsession taking over, namely Notion.

Recently, Notion took over my life or rather my life is slowly being planned and noted down with every new blank page I click on in Notion. For every and I really mean EVERY aspect in my life, notion comes up with a way to make it easier for me to plan, communicate, and even journal!

Why I changed to Notion?
I used to have a bullet journal and to be honest I loved the freedom I had there. The creativity I could put into the different layouts and noting down every thought I had wherever I wanted was exactly what I needed to keep track of everything. However…. here comes the downside: my perfectionist side came to the surface and ruining a page became more and more exhausting instead of helpful. I quit bullet journalling for over a year ago.

Fast forward to this year where I came across several people in the book community talking about Notion and saying how convenient it was for their planning. I took the bait and here we are! Completely in love with it.

Staying true to my name for my blog and bookstagram, I chose the name Amazeinspace. And started off with one of my favourite quotes by Laini Taylor.


First of all, this is a personal setup and will not work for everyone. There are tons of templates you can find on the internet and you’ll definitely find one just for you!

I started at the top of the page with a toggle list where I put my most important database of all: My Agenda! (I had first placed this one at the bottom of my page but it didn’t work out and so I put it under a toggle at the top of my page where I can easily access it and voila!)

After that I made 9 different sections as you can see in the image below.

Before we go further into the different pages, there’s one thing I still want to mention and that’s the use of linked databases. Which is by far on of the best things about Notion! For me, my most important database is my agenda BUT I do have other ones like my content planning that I’d like to see or the birthdays of the people I know or … So what I did was make one huge database, copy the original and put them in different pages where you can change or show different aspects of your agenda/ planning according to the filters you use for those databases.

Now!!! The pages: I’m not going to talk about everything, just the ones I think are the most interesting to show and explain. Some are still empty or messy lol. The ones I’m going to talk about are: My Homepage, Weekly planner, Finance tracker, Entertainment, Food Ideas, Content Ideas and Planning, Book Catalog, Highlights and World Topics.

My weekly planner

This is the page I struggled the most with. I didn’t know if I was going to use it that much and if I should couple it to my main agenda database or make a weekly spread (like I used to do in my bullet journal) and use that one over and over again.

I went with the last option:

Again, this is a toggle list which you can open to see the different pages or lists you made and close it again so as not to have too much on your page at the same time. Which is useful if you want to keep shorter overviews!

I searched for a template of the weekly planner on the internet and erased the things I didn’t need or added some things I found useful for myself. It’s the first week that I’m using this template so I can’t really say yet if it’s useful for me but something I really like is all the different colours for the weekdays.

At the top of the page I put my habit tracker, which is something I never kept doing when I had a bullet journal so I’m curious if I’m going to do this!

And after that I put my weekly planning/ weekly to do’s, both for my work and my privet things! And if I haven’t done something (that isn’t important) I write it down in the “Next week” section so I can copy that task to the next week!

Finance Tracker

Yeah, not going to show you every-everything BUT I am going to explain a little but about how I use this. I started using this at the beginning of October so that’s where I put my start amount and then I wrote every spending or transfer that I did in this table. The convenient thing about this table is the following:

For every column, you can choose a different property type and for my finances it’s convenient to use the “# Number” type as this enables me to make a sum of everything so I can see what’s left of my budget. (For my spendings I put a minus before the amount I spent for example: -2,20 because if it’s the sum of everything …. you get what I mean)

You can also use tags such as “Clothing”, “Books”, “Food”, etc. to see what you spend on each category but for me it’s easier to do it this way, for the moment at least.


Here’s where I keep track of the movies and series I love. And the ones I watched this year.

And this idea I got from May who used the highlights for her favourite books (which I also did!). I completely loved this idea and used it for the movies and series I loved!

I also found a template from someone on Twitter (can’t find it back, I’m so sorry) to keep track of the KDRAMA’s she watches and as I want to get into Kdrama’s I copied the whole thing and I’m going to watch whatever she put on to that list to start with!

Food Ideas

Okay a better name would have been favourite food as it’s the only thing that’s present for the moment. I put several properties (not all of them can be seen in the Gallery View) such as for when or what the recipe is: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, if it’s a Snack or a Drink. I do think this is going to be a fun page to further set up. It’s something I’m looking forward to!

Content Ideas and Planning

In this section I put every idea I have for my blog or bookstagram (it’s still not completely set up as I’ve been busy setting up other stuff that were a little bit more pressing!). BUT here is the thing I like the most: It’s a linked database with my main Agenda on the Homepage. So I can check out only my content planning on this page BUT I can also see everything that’s planned on my homepage in my Agenda database.

(As you can see, this post wasn’t planned, oops).

The Properties I use are: the date of the post I want it to be published, where I am with the process of that particular post (If it’s still an idea, if I’m working on it or if I finished it), and on what medium I’m posting: Instagram or my Blog. (Not sure if I’m going to keep the Gallery view because the Table View, which you can see in the next image is easier to fill in sometimes).


A little bit about the category Classes I made: I’m not studying anymore but I do want to keep track of the hobby’s I’m doing such as my music class. It’s more to keep track of my results or rather feedback I get from my teachers during classes or things I notice myself during my singing classes. It’s easier for me this way to process everything.

And my Yoga Classes I follow is also about the exercises we learn in that class so I can easily access them if I want to practice at home.

Book Catalog

Not completely as I want it to look but the main three things I keep track of are a catalog of all the Books I Own (which is still not finished), a catalog of the Books I’ve read in 2020 and a list of the Books I’m Currently Reading.

Books I Own Catalog

I organise my books alphabetically per Author. Then I write in the title (if I have two editions which is the case with my favourite book sorrynotsorry, I write down if it’s a paperback of hardcover). Furthermore I track down if I’ve read the book or not, which genre the book is and in which Language the book is written.

Books I’ve read in 2020

There are a lot of tools I use to keep track of what I’m reading. Goodreads, Twitter, (Storygraph – I have to complete this list because you can have several graphics at the end of the year!! Which is awesome to keep track of which genre you read the most for example, or what’s the average # of pages you read etc.) and now also Notion. I also want to start using this as a tool to keep track of which reviews I still need to write.


Same principle as with my favourite movies and series, I used a highlights-page for my books but a more in dept version. And this version I got from May from Forever and Everly (see blogpost).

My favourite books all lined up (this is as may said it perfectly, just a page she made for herself and honestly it makes me very happy to see them!)

In the first column I wrote my down my favourite book of all time! Next to that one, books I loved (which there are a lot of! More than there are on the list). And last but not least, my favourite and loved non-fiction books! I actually really love reading non-fiction so this list is going to grow (hopefully) in the future. My favourite quotes! I’m wondering if I should make a separate list/ page with my favourite quotes because this list is going to be WAYYYY to long if I finish it.

Furthermore there is a place to put my reading statistics of 2020 (Another thing I’m really excited to see!!) and my most anticipated releases for 2021.

Learn New Things

In my category Learn New Things I put Interesting Websites which include websites about science or literature websites or anything I can learn from. Another subject I want to know more about is “Sign Language”. It’s something I haven’t started yet but wanted to include as a page to embed articles or videos and websites!

World Topics

Anything happening in the world or things I want to know more about but need to do more research for, is placed on this page.

My Articles page is kind of the same with the Gallery View but then with articles from all over the place that I find interesting like literature articles, articles about health and so on.


A last thing I want to mention is that any pages I want to access fast (the ones I use frequently) can be favourited and can be seen in the list on the left side in the red circle.

** All the other pages seen below are pages I’m experimenting with and don’t know if I’m going to use.


Fadwa from Wordwoonders was another huge inspiration for my setup btw!

WHOAAA, You made it to the end?! Congrats!! I’m sorry for the long post anyways… (I loved making it though)

Do you use Notion? What are your favourite pages? What’s the thing you keep track of the most?

If there are any pages you still want to see or want more information about, don’t hesitate do send me a message!

Have a nice evening/ day (wherever you are in the world) and stay safe!!

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