In one of my last blogposts I talked about my favourite places to visit in Venice. One of them was Libreria Acqua Alta. But what about the other bookshops in Venice? Let’s talk more about them!


Libreria Acqua Alta

Using the city to make your bookshop an original place? I think Libreria Acqua Alta did just that! I mean, a gondola in the middle of the bookshop? Not to mention the beautiful view of a typical Venetian bridge and canal you can get when walking all the way to the back of the store and using the staircase of books!

There are a lot of second hand books and a broad selection of English books too! It’s a beautiful bookshop to stroll around for some time and find some hidden treasures in between the stacks.

Stacks upon stacks of books and a wonderful view if you look over the wall!

A well known fact about Venice is that the city can get flooded. And books and water?? Don’t go well together… However, Libreria Acqua Alta found the perfect solution to protect the books by using bathtubs and gondolas when the bookshop gets flooded.

They also have two cats walking around the bookstore, giving you a scare if you don’t expect them. 😹

“Books. Cats. Life is good.” – T.S. Eliot

One of the bookshop cats


The bookshop Studium, where I bought most of my books this holiday as they have a broad selection of English books, is located close to Piazza San Marco. They have a collection of Italian children’s books and novels, books about Venice, travel guides, books in French and German…

Bookshop Studium in Venice

A lovely but also small place so hopefully the place doesn’t get overcrowded. Anyways, I went when there was enough space and time to let my bookish heart wander around and buy some interesting reads. I especially loved the wooden bookshelves which gave this bookshop its unique feel in Venice.

All the English novels


La Toletta in Venice in the Dorsodouro area

This bookshop established in september of 1933 and is the oldest bookstore in Venice.

Because the word La Toletta reminded me of the word toilet, I searched its meaning but the only thing I could find is that it literally translates to toilet. So if anyone here speaks Italian or knows more about the history of the place and wants to tell me more about it, feel free to explain! I just find it a funny name for a bookshop. Quite original 😅.

A lot of classics and history books in Italian

Putting that aside, this bookshop has a marvellous collection of books! Mainly in Italian but also some books in Spanish, English, French and German. The bookshop has a lot of classics and history books but you can find the bestsellers of the moment and other novels too!


And last but definitely not least, bookshop MarcoPolo which surprised me pleasantly with its collection and the look of the bookshop itself.

“Plants are better than people”

This bookshop gave me a more modern vibe than all the rest of the bookshops in Venice so that’s probably the reason why it also stood out.

I especially loved the feminist book section even though they were in Italian. One of the first things I do if I can’t buy a book that moment or if I’m not sure it’s translated into English or Dutch, is writing down the title or take a photo of the book to remember it for later!

Hope you enjoyed this small overview of the bookshops I visited in Venice. I know there are a lot more and I will hopefully do them another time. Stay safe and healthy! 😘

Have you visited any of these bookshops? Tell me more in the comments! If not, what was the latest book you bought in a bookshop? 💕


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