I couldn’t not make a post about one of my favourite places on earth, right? 2020 is a weird year, let’s face it. And in the six times I’ve visited Venice, it has never been so quiet and different but oh so beautiful as it was this year. Strolling around in Venice without all the tourists (yes I know, I’m a tourist too) and heatwave from last time was a completely different experience but one that was more than worth it. I’ve never enjoyed Venice more, even when a lot of places were closed because of Covid. Here are some places we did do or shortly see and are worth checking out if you ever find yourself in Venice.

1. The Bridge of Sighs

Starting off with The Bridge Of Sighs. A beautiful name for a quite macabre history of the place. The Bridge Of Sighs lends its name to the suggestion that people who got convicted, walked over the bridge to see their last light of the day before going to prison for the rest of their lives, and knowing this let out a sigh. You encounter the Bridge of Sighs on your way to the Piazza San Marco.

The Bridge Of Sighs

2. Piazza San Marco

You really can’t make a post about Venice without mentioning the next place on my list either because if you’ve read a couple of “Places to visit in Venice” posts than you’ve probably already encountered this must-visit-place more than a hundred times. Piazza San Marco or in English: St Mark’s Square.

Piazza San Marco

3. Rivoaltus on The Rialto Bridge

This is a personal favourite of mine when it comes to the Venetian shops. Rivoaltus on The Rialto Bridge: There are notebooks everywhere. They’re handmade and leather-bound. As I’m someone who loves taking notes or making list about everything, this shop makes my money very scared.

On another note: The Rialto Bridge is an excellent place to see the Grand Canal that flows through Venice.

Another tip when visiting Venice is taking a tour with the ever famous Gondolas.

A tour on a gondola on the Grand Canal flowing through Venice

4. The Palazzo del Bovolo

I’m going to be honest and say I only wanted to visit this because it looked stunning and thought of taking some beautiful photos. However, due to Covid measures, we had to make a reservation an hour beforehand and since I didn’t know this we only saw the outside of the building. (Ask Sara, to plan everything. No, just kidding, reading a map might not be up my alley, planning however is.) Though it’s still a beautiful building if you ask me, especially the spiralling staircase.

Palazzo Del Bovolo

5. Novecento Jazz Club 900

A calmer place to eat delicious Italian food is the Novecento Jazz Club 900. Away from the more touristy eating places, I’d definitely recommend going there to eat. (Side note: If you’re a little eater like me, maybe it’s a good idea to share your pizza)

Pizza Quatro Formaggi in Novecento Jazz Club 900

6. Gelato SuSo

Crowned as having the best Gelato in Venice, SuSo really has delicious ice cream. And a lot of special flavours. (I was boring though and took a Vanille Milkshake that day, sorrynotsorry).

7. View over Venice

Want a beautiful view over Venice? Go to the former Fondaco dei Tedeschi, which is now a luxury shopping centre in Venice. Luckily for us, the top deck view is free for the public.

Top Deck View in Venice’s Luxury Shopping Centre

8. Bookshops in Venice

Okay, so I’m going to make a blogpost about the beautiful bookshops I visited in Venice in a next post, however, there’s one in particular I want to mention in this blogpost too. Libreria Acqua Alta: There’s a small section of English second hand books but the most special thing about this bookshop is definitely the huge gondola in the middle of the shop. More on that later!!

Libreria Acqua Alta

9. Getting lost

You’ve probably also heard this a million times but the beauty of Venice lies in all its little alleys along the way. Getting lost is the message here!

10. Burano and Murano

Last but not least, Burano and Murano. This is technically not Venice but a part of the region Veneto, it’s a little further away from the main island. You have to take another boat that takes you to the islands Burano or Murano. But I wanted to include this as it is part of the beauty of the Venetian region. Murano is famous for its glass making. Sculptures, jewels, anything you can imagine made out of glass. Thinking about getting a souvenir? Murano glass can definitely get you exactly that! Burano on the other hand is famous for its coloured houses. And just as magical. I adored all the colours!

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